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Mary’s Pence is a small organization with a big vision.

We want women in the Americas who live in poverty to have a say and a hand in how poverty can be alleviated and social equity achieved.

We fund women in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

We do this because everything we have in excess belongs to the poor.  It is theirs.


New to Mary's Pence?

Mary’s Pence is made possible by people like you.
Because compassionate people make donations annually, quarterly or monthly, Mary’s Pence is able to give meaningful support to grassroots women’s groups working for change in their communities. By pooling our resources, we are all able to have an impact that is beyond what any of us can achieve alone.

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Women Supporting Women - Mary's Pence Jewelry Available

Mary's Pence is more than simply the grants we give. We provide a place for people of faith to support women and social justice. We provide a place where donations of any size are valued.  And we live the value of women supporting women.  This symbol has been turned into a pendant and earrings, available as a gift for donations of $60 for the pendant and $40 for the earrings. Learn more... 


Employment Opportunity with Mary's Pence

Mary’s Pence is seeking a person to develop and strengthen the business skills component of our ESPERA program

This role will increase ESPERA’s capacity to support women as they develop and grow their businesses. Responsibilities will include training, ongoing coaching, sharing best practices for small businesses and model businesses, and developing markets and addressing market issues. Additionally this role will support local leaders as they learn to better support the development of business skills in their membership.

Click here for a job description and applicaiton information in English.

Oportunidad de empleo con Mary's Pence

Mary’s Pence está en la búsqueda de una persona con la capacidad de desarrollar y fortalecer las  prácticas, herramientas e instrumentos necesarios para que el componente de Pequeñas Empresas del Programa ESPERA funcione con éxito. 

La presencia de esta persona deberá incrementar la capacidad de ESPERA para apoyar a las mujeres, en la medida en la que ellas desarrollen y hagan crecer sus empresas. Las Responsabilidades de esta persona incluiá, capacitación, asesoría permanente, compartir las mejores prácticas para pequeñas empresas y empresas modelo, así como la apertura de mercados y análisis de temas relacionados con marketing. Además de lo anterior, esta persona dará apoyo a las líderes locales, en la medida en que vayan aprendiendo como dar un mejor apoyo al desarrollo de prácticas empresariales en su membresía

Haga clic aquí para la descripción del trabajo e información sobre cómo aplicar en español.










Meet with Mary's Pence in your area!

Check out our Calendar of Events page
to learn about the awesome events Mary's Pence is having, collaborating on, or attending this fall. Join us for events in your area! We hope to see you there!

Share Mary's Pence with your faith community.

Connecting Mary's Pence to your faith community makes an enormous difference in our ability to support women working for change. We provide resources to help you do this. Learn more about our Giving Tree tags and our Lenten Soup Supper packets.


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