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Alerta Migratoria: Mary's Pence Grantee

Alerta Migratoria: Mary's Pence Grantee

Alerta Migratoria
Carrboro, North Carolina

Co-Founder and Director: Viridiana Martinez

A community organization founded by undocumented womxn activists, Alerta Migratoria responds to the challenges faced by undocumented immigrants and refugees living in North Carolina. As immigrant womxn of color are the most affected by anti-immigrant laws and deportations, it’s intentional that Alerta Migratoria‘s leadership reflects the voices of those on the front lines demanding immigrant rights.

There are currently 120 members of Alerta Migratoria who participate in organizing strategies and campaign activities. Members engage in several organizational activities such as conducting outreach in their immigrant communities, gathering signatures, writing letters, and attending vigils and press events.

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