Empowering Young Women

Youth Activism Project

Washington, DC

Youth Activism Project fosters teen-led advocacy campaigns and to normalize young people’s participation in decision-making processes.

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Empowering Young Women

Women for Political Change

Minneapolis, MN

Women for Political Change holistically invests in the leadership and political power of young women and trans & non-binary folks.

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Cultivating Women Leaders

Women’s Equity Center and Action Network (WE CAN)

College Park, MD

Women’s Equity Center and Action Network (WE CAN) educates, engages, and activates women of color to increase and strengthen civic engagement of women of color and facilitate policy environments that are responsive to their needs.

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Cultivating Women Leaders

The Spirituality Network

Columbus, OH

The Spirituality Network connects people with resources for spiritual growth and depth, regardless of faith tradition — through education and training, spiritual direction for individuals and groups, and community programs and events.

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Advocating for Just Systems

Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance

Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance is a domestic worker-led organization fighting for justice, dignity, and power for house cleaners, nannies, and caregivers.

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Cultivating Health and Well Being

Mama to Mama

Louisville, KY

Mama to Mama works to increase social support for all mothers as they make the transition into parenthood by promoting healthy parenting practices in an effort to create healthier and more sustainable communities.

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Supporting Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrant Rights Action

Doylestown, PA

Immigrant Rights Action works primarily with undocumented immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico who have been detained or are at risk of deportation, including recently-arrived asylum-seekers.

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Colorful Heartspark logo with heart

Creating Inclusive Communities

Heartspark Press

Olympia, WA

Heartspark Press is a volunteer-led, trans-led organization dedicated to supporting, developing, and amplifying the creative voices of transgender girls, transgender women, and (C)AMAB (coercively assigned-male-at-birth) non-binary people everywhere.

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White bird on yellow background for ESTHER logo

Advocating for Just Systems


Appleton, WI

ESTHER aims to bring together people and communities of faith to build community and to identify and act on issues of injustice.

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