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Donations from individuals consistently account for over 80% of our income. This puts us in an enviably stable position where we aren’t dependent on any single funding source. It also means that gifts of every amount make a difference. While we sometimes receive grants and larger gifts from churches, women’s religious communities, and foundations, it is the women and men who share our vision for women’s empowerment who power Mary’s Pence.

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What I think makes Mary’s Pence unique, and it’s also the reason why I give to Mary’s Pence, is that they, unlike almost any organization I know, put women from marginalized communities at the center of their work and have those women set the direction for their programs. And the reason they are able to do that is that they are funded by many individual donors, rather than grants. This allows them to be flexible and responsive to those women.
– Rebecca Blumenshine, long-time donor


Mary’s Pence Grants

Since 1987 Mary’s Pence has provided almost $1.5 million to 700 women’s organizations making essential changes to unjust systems in their communities. Mary’s Pence grantees work with women experiencing difficulties including poverty, sex trafficking, asylum, domestic violence, homelessness, incarceration, cultural isolation and immigration to develop responsive long-term solutions.


Since the ESPERA program began in 2008, 1,789 loans totaling $558,437 has been used to start and improve 1,031 women’s businesses in Mexico and Central America. $58,536 of interest has been reinvested into the lending pools. Additionally, three of our partner organizations have started savings programs. So far they have collectively saved $9,069.

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Guidestar Exchange Seal

Mary’s Pence has received the Guidestar Exchange Seal for reporting fully on organizational data, including fundraising, budgeting, board and staff, and for meeting standard practices for nonprofits.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator evaluates only large nonprofits with budgets over $1,000,000 which is why you will not find us listed on their website.


Mary’s Pence is independent of the Catholic Church.



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