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Voices from the Field

Funding women’s groups is one part of the equation. Equally important is the vision and passion of the women working with the funds to improve their communities. Here are some of their thoughts and stories. 

Many videos are in Spanish, with a link to English translations.

Voices of ESPERA Women from the Encuentro                                                    March 2013

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Asociación de Mujeres Sembradoras de Esperanza
Association of Women Sowers of Hope
2009 ESPERA Fund Recipients

Maria Magdalena Cipriano Uloa Santa Cruz, Guatemala
Maria is the vice president of the Women’s Association and speaks about the formation of the Association, how women slowly learned to lead meetings and the importance of projects that develop skills. She also speaks about the importance of having an organization that focuses on women. Interview in English (pdf)
Maria Mejia Tum
Santa Cruz, Guatemala

Maria speaks about the fear and isolation that women in her community felt before joining the women's group, and how participation in the group enables them to speak up and not feel alone. Interview in English (pdf)
Magdalena Cipriano Espinosa
Santa Cruz, Guatemala

Magdalena is a member of the Women’s Association and speaks about the value of being in a women’s group. Interview in English (pdf)

Alejandra y Maria
Amatitan, Nicaragua

Alejandra and Maria are partners in a business called Jovenes Emprendedoras de Amatitan, working to bring computer and Internet access to the community. Interview in English (pdf)



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Red de Mujeres Nicarahualt
Network of Nicarahualt Women
2008/2009 ESPERA Fund Recipients

Maria Griselda
Veracruz, Nicaragua

Maria talks about an indigeneous woman’s group in Veracruz. The group has had a large impact in the community, because before this the women’s voices were not heard. Men were the ones who gave their opinions and made decisions, and the women didn’t even have power in their own homes. Their demand was that women have a voice in the community and that their opinions be equally considered. Interview in English (pdf)
Reyna Moreno Lazo
Esteli, Nicaragua

Reyna is one of the coordinators of Nicarahualt Women’s Network, a recipients of a Mary’s Pence Espera Fund in 2009. Reyna has worked for years with nonprofits and speaks about how some grants can make women dependant and how care needs to be taken to avoid this. Interview in English (pdf)

Zoraida Sosa Sanchez
Managua, Nicaragua

Zoraida is one of the coordinators of the Nicarahualt Women’s Network. She speaks about the partriarchal culture in her country and her work with a group called Women and Community. This organization works to awaken the consciousness of the women so that they recognize themselves as a person, and begin to demand the respect and space that they need. Interview in English (pdf)

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