Happy New Year from Mary’s Pence!

The Mary’s Pence network is far reaching – “from Canada to Panama,” we often say. We are blessed to be part of a community of strong women (and men) that includes staff, board, volunteers, grantees, ESPERA partners, and you. We are the Mary’s Pence People.

As one of our supporters said, “we gain in strength from sharing our journey.” Thank you for journeying with us this year. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished.

storifyAs we look to 2017, hopeful for what our 30th year will bring, we’d like to leave you with this blessing:

May you, your loved ones, and your community relish the bonds of love and kindness.

May the New Year energize you to live true to yourself and your values.

May you find peace within you when the outside world is restless.

Draw upon the strength and wisdom of your “Mary’s Pence People.” 

Know that you are enough, and that you matter.

From all of us at Mary’s Pence,

Happy New Year!

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  1. Janice Valder says:

    You at Mary’s Pence are a true example of what can happen when women are allowed to use their gifts and supported by trust and belief along the way. Thank you for this opportunity to support a woman’s organization that is bringing about the changes in our world that can lead to peace.

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