Giving Thanks and Moving Forward! Celebrating 25 Years!

What a grand gathering!  We gave thanks, celebrated our roots, and re-dedicated to moving forward in Gospel Justice.

Yesterday, the National Catholic Reporter online published an article about our celebration.  Click here to read the article.

Below we’ve shared some pictures from the event.  You can view the event program by clicking here.

Maureen Gallagher, OP took us back to our roots and re-told the mystical story of our founding.  She reminded us that we are each called to action on behalf of liberation.  You can read the whole story here.




Mary’s Pence grantee Sisters Rising Project of the Stillpointe Theater Collective shared their stories of struggle, healing and hope.  The performers of Sisters Rising are formerly incarcerated Chicago-area women who meet weekly in facilitated workshops focused on developing performance and writing skills.  You can learn more about their work on their website by clicking here.



Edwina Gateley delivered the keynote address and reminded us all to continue to all God to stretch us opening our hearts more fully.  Calling Mary’s Pence, leaven for the world, she reminded us that we each have a unique role in embodying God’s love in concrete and practical ways.





Our closing prayer summarized our hopes and dreams as we move forward as a community:

We look forward to the future in faith and hope,

working for the day when we and all our sisters

no longer have to fit a stereotype,

but are free to use all our gifts

and to share in all the benefits of human life and work.

We look forward to the age of peace,

when violence is banished,

when both women and men are able to love and be loved,

and the work and wealth of our world is justly shared.

We believe that our future depends on us,

but that all the forces of good, love, peace and justice,

all the creative powers of the universe,

work with us to achieve that vision.

May it come soon.

(adapted from Women’s Creed by Norma Hardy)
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  1. Kitty says:

    Nicely summarized, Karen, and the NCR article was also wonderful. Sorry to miss being there with all of you but am looking forward to CTA in Louisville in November. thanks to you and Sheila for this amazing blog!
    en solidaridad from the Casa Materna in Matagalpa, Kitty

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