One Response to Sisters, You Have Taught Us Well….

  1. marion boden says:

    Thank you for your statement with which I am in full agreement.

    I wanted to show my support of LCWR and all women religious. After some thought and opinion-gathering, the concensus was somethig which would show support and yet not make a statement on the issue since LCWR would have to do that. And so, we came up with a bumper sticker that simply says “I ‘heart’ NUNS”.

    We are hoping others throughout the country will do the same.

    We ordered our bumper stickers from It was very simple to do as they have one with the “I heart” part already in. Just add NUNS where it says “your text.” Obviously the more you order the cheaper they are. We ordered 250 and they were $.90 each, shipping included and I don’t think there was tax.

    If we all use the I love NUNS theme, we think the uniformity will make it more effective but, of course, everyone is free to do what they wish!

    I also love the idea I read in someone’s blog of taking whatever money we would put in the collection on Mother’s Day and instead send it to LCWR or a congregation of women religious or some “sister” related charity.

    Let’s take this opportunity to thank every woman religious out there and let them feel our love and support!!!

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